Complaints concerning works displayed in the design galleries need to be delivered to the Department of Design in a written form. The content of the complaint should address specific art work(s) and include identification of the work by title and artist. The complaint should specify the focus of the alleged problem with the work. The complaint should be signed and dated with a return address. In the event of a telephone or other oral complaint, the complainant will be informed of the review procedure that requires a written complaint and identification of the complainant.

Written complaints are handled in the following way:
  1. A copy of the complaint will be provided to both the art department chair and the gallery manager.
  2. The gallery manager and gallery committee will convene a meeting to discuss the merits of the complaint, view the work in question, deliberate and formulate a position.
  3. The committee shall arrive at a unanimous decision on any action needed regarding the work(s) in question.
  4. If a unanimous decision is not reached the work will be removed from display.
  5. In evaluating controversial or questionable works, it is assumed that the committee will adopt a more conservative posture for the B.F. Larsen galleries.
  6. The decision of the gallery committee will be recorded in the minutes, relayed to the department chair, and appropriate action taken.
  7. It is the responsibility of the gallery manager to carry out the decision of the gallery committee, including notification of the complainant in writing.
  8. The creator of the art object in question will also receive notification if the work is to be removed from display.
  9. The gallery manager will retain copies of all documents relevant to the complaint and its resolution.